Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Miracle Frooties

Travis and I like to think we're pretty adventurous when it comes to food. We will pretty much try anything once...twice if we like it. So when the opportunity to purchase some Miracle Frooties tablets arose, Travis jumped on it.

Miracle Frooties are a tablet made from a berry grown in West Africa. The berries contain a glycoprotein which binds to the tastebuds on your tongue, causing sour and bitter things to taste sweet. The effect is temporary, lasting up to 2 hours, and once it wears off, everything tastes as before. They have no side effects and are completely harmless. Because of this bizarre switch of flavors, some people host "flavor tripping parties", in which the host supplies sour and bitter foods for guests to taste after eating a tablet.

They came in the mail today and we decided that we were going to give them a try. After we put Penelope to bed, we prepared our arsenal of flavors from what we have around the kitchen.

We decided since these are 10x that we would split a tablet. The directions say to place the tablet on your tongue and very slowly move it around until the tablet is dissolved.


After the tablet dissolved, we prepared ourselves for the taste test. Here's the verdicts:

Vodka - Tasted like water that burns the back of your throat
Sour cream - Tasted like yogurt
Lemon Juice - Ever been to Chick-Fil-A, and they didn't add enough water to the lemonade to
                       dilute it down? That's what this tasted like.
Starbucks Hot Cocoa Powder - Super sweet, super rich chocolate
Cottage cheese - This didn't taste any different to me. Travis said he noticed a slightly sweet taste
Soy Sauce - Sweet, but still tasted like soy sauce and still salty
French's Spicy Brown Mustard - This was the biggest surprise. It tasted like honey mustard!
Distilled Vinegar - Tasted sweet until you swallowed
Red Wine Vinegar - Tasted like sweet red wine vinegar until you swallowed
Martell Very Fine Cognac - All you taste is the aftertaste, and you don't taste the alcohol
                                          (apparently we don't like cognac, who knew?)
Crown Royal - No flavor, and very little burn
Hendrix Gin - The cucumber and rose flavors that Hendrix is famous for was brought to foreground
                      and you could really taste the unique flavors. There was also no bite to the gin
Mini Chocolate Chips - No difference
Crispex cereal - No difference to me. Travis noticed a sweeter flavor
Cherry Craisins - The cranberry tang was gone, but they still didn't taste good
Golden Raisins - Tasted like...well, raisins
Frank's Red Hot - Tasted like a spicy banana pepper. I thought it was actually really good!
Sriracha Sauce (Asian Pepper sauce) -  The sour flavor in the sauce was gone and all you tasted
                                                                was the chili
Balsamic Vinegar - Tasted like a sweet vinaigrette dressing
Spanish olives - Tasted less tangy but still like olives
Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb Cheese - The garlic flavor in this was a lot sweeter
Laughing Cow French Onion Cheese - This tasted the same to me, but was slightly sweet to
Ketchup - Tasted really gross, like someone added WAAAAY too much sugar to ketchup
Grapefruit La Croix - La Croix is a sparkling water that is lightly flavored, and the berries made it
                                  taste like regular sweetened soda

All in all, it was a very fun experience! Next time I go to the grocery store, we're gonna get some more stuff we can try (Granny smith apples, lemons, etc). Who knows? One day we may host our own "Flavor Tripping" party! :-)

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