Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rearranging 2012: Continued

As previously stated, we've been really working hard to get our house in order and get rid of a bunch of stuff that we don't need/use. As of my last post, we had finished the garage (for the most part) and the main room in the basement. After some contemplation, we decided to move my desk and sewing table into the main basement room for me to have a sort of workspace that's all my own.

Now, it doesn't look like this anymore since we've had to move things from other rooms in here to rearrange stuff, but it will be back to this glorious splendor once we're finished.

Our next stop on the rearranging tour was the downstairs bedroom. Up until this point, it had been used as a sewing room and a guest room. After discussing, we decided to make the guest room into an office for Travis so that if there's a day he works from home, he has a quiet place he can hide.

Eek! And this was AFTER removing a lot of stuff
As you can see, we had a mess to start with, but thankfully most of those boxes were empty and just needed to be broken down. We moved all the junk upstairs to the old office and moved all the office stuff down here so that Travis' workstation would be completed. We also took down that fan and replaced the light, and hung a shop light over Travis' workbench. It looks amazing in there and I know he loves the outcome.

Hard to believe its the same room, huh?
So, what's left, you ask? Well, mainly the old office upstairs which is going to become Penelope's big girl room. We've decided to give her the futon that was in this main room. The mattress is quite comfortable, and she may end up like having a bed that folds into a couch as she gets older. It may only be a temporary thing. We're not sure yet. After we finish her room, then we're gonna have to rent a dumpster (Yes, a DUMPSTER) to get rid of the rest of the junk and just make sure that everything is back in order. It's taking us longer than we originally anticipated, but it feels good to declutter.

And I'm still working on the fruit leather. My first batch failed miserably and I haven't had any luck with a batch since. I've contacted the woman who wrote the recipe and she's been helping me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'll keep you posted!

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