Friday, February 1, 2013

Craft: My Year in Temperatures Scarf: January

I've made it a month! I've kept up with my scarf for an entire month! Woot!! I'm actually quite proud of myself because of that. I'm thrilled with how its looking, but I tell ya, Georgia has some WEIRD weather! I've had to purchase an additional 5 colors of yarn because temps got over 70 degrees a few weeks ago, but then dropped below 40 last week. It's definitely making things interesting!

So here's the current color list:
T(F)                Color

75-79 Caron Simply Soft Watermelon
70-74 Caron Simply Soft Grape
65-69 Bernat Satin Foliage
60-64 Caron Simply Soft Blue Mint
55-59 Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red
50-54 Caron Simply Soft Passion
45-49 Caron Simply Soft Dark Sage
40-44 Caron Simply Soft Dark Country Blue
35-39 Caron Simply Soft Grey Heather

Pretty much the 60-80 degree range is the same sort of colors from blue to red, but they're brighter. Blue Mint is a nice bright blue. Foliage is a great green. Grape is a bright purple, and Watermelon is a bright pink.

I've also decided to do 5 row of white between each month. I want the stripes to look deliberate and not just another color variation. There was at least once in January where the temps stayed in the same range for 3 days so it just looks like a large stripe. I decided 5 would give a better break. Anyway, here's the January update!

January 2013
Stay tuned for more! Temperatures can start to warm up in Georgia as early as February! This gonna get super interesting! :-D

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