Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rude Couponers

I'm a couponer. I learned everything I know from Katie Merrefield, a friend from high school. You can see her information about couponing and get some great tips at (shameless plug, I know)

Anyway, one of the things that Katie couldn't stress enough was being a polite couponer. People tend to have bad feelings towards couponers because some of them are rude, and some will disregard the feelings of others and check out in front of someone who only has 1 item. I make a conscious effort not to be this way, but I'm sure at some point, someone has thought this about me.

So Tuesday, I went grocery shopping. After roaming the store for about 30 minutes, finding all the needed items on my shopping list and pulling out my coupons, I got in line two people behind a fellow couponer. I tend to get a little excited when I see other people couponing and saving money! It's quite exciting to find out that someone saved 50% or more! So between watching Penelope laugh at a giant inflated kitty, and unloading my cart, I heard this woman complaining about coupons. The conversation went something like this:

Rude Couponer (snarky tone): Does that total include my ecoupons?

Cashier: No, that's before the store card and the coupons.

Rude Couponer: Oh, ok. Hands store card and coupons to cashier who begins scanning them.

Now at this point, I turned away and was watching Penelope laugh and giggle at this inflatable cat. I turn back around wondering if the cashier was almost done when I notice that the lady was looking a little irritated. I turned back around to watch Penelope and something was said which, based on the lady's reaction, I assume when something like this:

*Rude Couponer (snarky tone): How come some of my coupons weren't accepted?

*Cashier (trying to stay calm but obviously getting irritated): Our coupon policy states that we no longer take ecoupons and manufacturer coupons for the same item.

Rude Couponer (more snarky tone): Well, that's just ridiculous! *huff*

The cashier turns around to start on the woman in front of me's order while the couponer packs up her wallet. As the couponer is spouting off about the coupon policy, the cashier rolled her eyes. The cashier continued to check everyone else out and while she looked a little irritated when I walked up with my coupons (I only had 4), she was pleasant enough and I did not fault her for feeling a little hostile towards couponers at this point.

We finish checking out, and as I'm walking out of the store, I see the rude couponer at the customer service desk with her cell phone and coupons out. I don't know what was said, but I'm pretty sure she was complaining about the coupon policy. Either way, I was quite irritated with this lady because of how she's making the rest of us look. Some stores actually stop accepting coupons because of the attitudes of the couponers, and since I save 30%-50% or more each week, I really don't want that to happen!

*I have no idea if this is what was actually said, but based on the cashier and couponers reviews, I'm confident it went something like this.

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