Monday, October 31, 2011

Stitching Rotation and Special Projects

October 30th has come and gone and now I am able to reveal the reason my cross stitch rotation had come to a screeching halt. On October 30th, the congregation of my church put together a special Pastor Appreciation service for our pastors. I stitched a special piece for them and had put everything else on hold to get it finished (a fact which I am still a little shocked about).

For Pastors Tony and Julie Crawford

Because it can get boring working on the same project for a year or more, I started rotating between pieces (I got the idea from here). It's been really great for me because about the time I start getting bored working on a piece, its about time to move on. I spend 10 hours working on each one and then I go to the next. It helps to keep things interesting. I had to put everything on hold to work on the piece for the Crawfords because there was a major time restraint. Now its finished, and hanging in their home.

So, where does that leave me in terms of my rotation? As you remember, or not, I currently have 4 pieces in my set. Fractal 154, Quietude, Antoine Holt Memorial, and P for Penelope. Two are BAPs (Fractal 154 and Quietude), and the other two stitched up very quickly and easily.

Currently, I am finishing up the Antoine Holt Memorial. I've just got the back stitch left to do on the eagle, and then I need to add the personalization, which I will do after I've gotten in contact with the family. In case you don't know, I'm part of a group of ladies (and probably some men) called the American Soldiers Memorial Project. We cross stitch and hand embroider memorials for fallen soldiers. My current soldiers name is Antoine Jermaine Holt.

I've also got to finish the beading on Penelope's fairy. I'm about halfway done with the beadwork and everyday, I'm getting more afraid that something is going to happen to the piece and I'll have to start all over. The thread I used isn't colorfast, so I can't wash it if it gets dirty or the colors will run.

Then there's a piece my uncle wants me to do for my aunt, and a lighthouse for a good friend, and eventually another soldier...So many projects, so little time!

So my current to do list looks like this (RT means in rotation):

1. Finish Antoine Holt Memorial and contact family
2. Finish P for Penelope.
3. Fractal 154 (RT1)
4. Quietude (RT2)
5. John Wayne (RT3) (piece for my aunt)
6. Another soldier (RT4)

I don't like to have more than 4 pieces in my rotation at a time. Since it typically takes me about a week to do 10 hours of work, each piece gets worked on once a month. Plus, if I save the 4th spot for another soldier, it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something because they tend to stitch up very quickly. It's possible I may deviate from this. I'll have to see...

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