Saturday, January 5, 2013

Craft: My Year in Temperatures Scarf

Now that I've got my first sweater under my belt, I've decided that I'm actually enjoying knitting - not as much as stitching - but still enjoying it. I found another sweater pattern for myself (and one for Travis, and my brother, and and and...) that I'm planning on starting on Monday during our weekly KAL. While perusing Ravelry yesterday (I've been told NOT to do that!), I stumbled upon this.

Ravelry: My Year in Temperatures Scarf

Now, I totally understand that I do NOT need any more projects! (1 current stitching WIP, 2 commissioned pieces I'm about to start, and 2 others sitting on the back burner) But I just couldn't resist this! It's something that you have to start soon after the new year or you get horribly behind. And its only knitting one row per day, which won't take very long at all. And if I get behind (ya know, because of the birth of a baby, or something), it won't be hard to catch up!

So, here's how it works. Each day, you knit one row that corresponds to the high temperature of that day. I'm actually going to be doing it a day behind, because I want to knit the ACTUAL temperature of the day before, not the predicted. The creator also suggests using 5 white rows at the beginning and end of the sweater, and 2-3 rows in between each month. Since I don't really have a lot of scrap yarn because I'm new at this, I got to go buy yarn and create my own masterpiece! I'm so excited!

So, for now, here are my temperature ranges and colors:

Temp (F)
55-59 Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red
50-54 Caron Simply Soft Passion
45-49 Caron Simply Soft Dark Sage
40-44 Caron Simply Soft Dark Country Blue

I've decided to divide my temperature ranges into 5 degree intervals, and use different shades of blue, green, purple, and red. Since it doesn't get much colder than 40 during the day here in Atlanta, I decided to stop there for now. If it does ever dip lower, I'll figure something out :-)

I started on this last night, and am already loving it! After talking to Travis, and doing my 5 rows to start, I realized I wanted a bigger front and end block on the sweater. So instead of 5 rows of white, I did 20. It gives me a nice block of white at the beginning, and I think I'll do 3-5 rows of white in between each month. I'll figure that out when I get to the end of January. I hope to post monthly progress pictures so you can watch this thing progress!



Dawn Ellen Miller said...

it sounds like fun because of the surprise factor, but the commitment to work on it a bit each day, yikes.

Sara with an H said...

So far (at 5 days in), I get really excited about adding a row to the scarf. We'll see how it is in April :-)