Thursday, September 8, 2011

Craft Experiment: No Slip Grippy Socks


We have hardwood floors throughout the main level of our house. I do, indeed, love my hardwoods, but I've noticed that it's difficult for Penelope to walk on the floors when she's got socks on. She has some new socks that have grippies on them, but most of her socks do not. Since its starting to get cooler here in Atlanta, she's starting to wear socks more and is having more trouble walking.

I found this blog ( with specific directions (and REALLY cute designs!) on how to make grippy socks. This mom used Tulip Slick Fabric Paint, but I wondered if I could also use puffy paint, and which would work better. Armed with a girlfriend (who's also quite crafty herself!), we went to Jo-Ann's and I bought a small bottle of puffy paint and a small bottle of the slick paint.

I refuse to pay $15 for a pair of Baby Legs,. A $3 adult pair of knee socks work just as well!


I prepped Penelope's socks by putting an empty toilet paper roll down to the toes to keep the two sides from sticking together.  I decided that because of the color of the paints that I would do the white puffy paint on the black socks, and the black slick paint on the grey socks. I used the already present polka dots as my template for where to put the paint.

White = puffy paint              Black = Slick paint

Now, we sit and wait for them to dry. The bottles say it takes about 4 hours to dry, but I'm going to let them sit overnight to be sure. I really like this idea and I'm really hoping it works well. I know Penelope would appreciate it :-)


Lagda Meus said...

And is it working for the puffy paint?

Sara with an H said...

Yup. Both paints worked great for us, but the puffy paint worked better for my daughter. Either would be good choices for these socks