Friday, November 18, 2011

Craft Experiment: Turkey Shirt

I recently joined Pinterest and have been introduced to the wonderful world of "things I plan to do someday". A friend of mine had pinned a really cute turkey shirt a couple of weeks ago, and after finding it again, we decided to make shirts for our daughters who are 3 months apart.

We gathered our supplies (t-shirt, ribbon, felt, thread), and we worked on the shirts while the girls chased each other, and the dog around the house.

The shirts were SUPER easy to make. We took a tupperware container and a small juice glass, and drew the turkey shape on the back of a piece of tan felt. We cut out the turkey, and hand stitched two buttons for eyes, and a small piece of orange felt for the beak

After the turkey was cut, we centered him on the t-shirt, and began pinning the ribbons underneath him to  make the turkey plumage.

Once the ribbons all seemed to be in place, we sewed around the ends of the ribbon to hold them in place.

After the ribbons were sewn in place, we placed the turkey in the center, and stitched him on. My friend hand stitched hers, and I used my machine. I started to hand stitch it, but I wasn't happy with how it was coming out, so I decided to use my sewing machine. Then we ironed on the girls names and viola! Turkey day shirts!

Isn't it cute? It was SEW easy! (ok. ok. I know. I'm lame)


This Mom's Heart said...

I love this shirt on Pinterest (I pinned it a while back), and I love the way you did it! I think I would like to try it. Love the iron-on letters! :)

Sara with an H said...

Seriously, it is SO easy! We used sewing machines, and but you could totally do it by hand!

Kathy said...

That it seriously cute!!! You and your friend are going to have two of the cutest "Turkey's" this Thanksgiving!! What a fun post and project!